Who We Are

mask-wideThe Fire / EMS Members charity is comprised of off-duty Fire & EMS personnel including their spouses, children and parents. As Fire / EMS workers we see tragedies and hardship that families go through. Because of our commitment as public servants we have a natural drive to help others in need.

The Fire/ EMS Members Charity is not affiliated with any one single Fire or EMS Department. We are our own Charity and operate solely on a volunteer basis.

None of our Board of Directors or Members are paid for their service or services.

We operate with the least amount of overhead as possible. Paying only for licenses, insurances, office supplies and necessities to keep the organization running.

The Fire / EMS Members Charity works closely with local Health Department, Department of Human Services (DHS) and other agencies to ensure our families get everything they need. All families we help are anonymous to the general public to protect our families respect and dignity.

Board Of Directors

Brian Rogers – President & Treasurer

Kenneth (Ken) Werner – Vice-President

Pauline (Pauly) Docherty – Secretary

Charles (Chuck) Whitmire III – Director

Julie Long –  Director

Stephen (Steve) Docherty – Director

Gerold (Jerry) Williams – Director

Contact Us


(989) 785 – 9345

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